About Us




Nadis New York Organic silk scarves company was established with an aim of connecting and exploring different histories, arts, cultures, and demographics around the world with the renewing of the rich ancient history of silk, craftsmanship, combined with modern printing technology, and to bring its 21st century customers a true luxury experience from the past while embracing travel, and understanding of the human race. Nadis Group Inc. is a true Millennial and generation Z Company that works relentlessly of emphasize on the youth culture of the modern time, who encourages the adventurous spirits of the new generations to come. Nadis New York’s online store specialized in high-end luxury designer scarves, made with 100% pure organic silk. This online store is part of the company that belongs to Nadis Group Inc. The company is founded base on its core belief of Nadis. The word Nadi comes from the Sanskrit root meaning “channel”, “stream”, or “flow”. In the yoga theory, Nadis are said to carry life force energies known as Prana, or Qi in Chinese-based systems. Nadis are channels for cosmic, vital, seminal, mental, intellectual, and energies, etc. And Nadis are important for sensations, consciousness and the spiritual life.nadiss




Our Silk Fabrics

Nadis New York 100% Silk Twill Scarves are made with the best quality materials on earth. Our silk is made with silkworms raised on mulberry leaves. The practice of breeding silkworms for the production of raw silk, has been under way for at least 5,000 years in China. Silk is a natural protein fiber, it’s light weight and breathable, good for your skin. It’s a must have luxury accessory for any occasion.



Our Designs

Nadis New York Silk Twill Scarves has both modern and traditional designs. Drawing inspirations from nature, art, travel and life. We hand drawn every motif with watercolor, or gouache painting. Our color specialist work relentlessly with both our designers and the printing department on all of our final products to make sure the color and prints stays as vibrant as possible. Each design is original and unique that you won’t find anywhere else. We will come up with new design collections each season, our costumers will always find their scarves with a fresh taste, and so much more.

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